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This is sure to open a can of Everyone has an opinion so here is mine.

Dairy breeders want to sell their extra buck kids as packers and who can blame them. I would want to do the same thing. Unfortunately the trend in dairy goats seems to be toward small framed goats with large udders and feminine looks. The goat packers on the other hand want tall long legged heavy boned goats. More of a homestead style goat, as I like to say. A rangy tough goat that can handle the conditions and thrive.

I'm sure their are some dairy breeders that still have this type of goat but the serious dairy breeder is definitely not looking for rangy tough looking goats when they pick breeding stock. For that reason we will eventually see two distinct styles of goats emerge. Actually it is already happening. The dairy goat and the working goat.

There are also structural qualities that are important to packgoats that really aren't a problem with a dairy goat. Pastern length and solid heavy feet come to mind. Along with good depth and width to the chest. Good work ethic and a calm disposition also factor into packgoats more than a goat kept around for milking.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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