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Congested Buckling

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I've got a buckling that was born October 3rd of this year that has a bit of congestion. He is not lethargic and he is drinking from mom with no problems. He is one of triplets (although I lost the doeling, that's another story :( ) so I've just got the two bucklings on mom now. The other buckling has no signs of congestion and neither does mama. His temperature is 102.2 and he is just having a bit of trouble breathing and a small amount of clear to white mucous. The mucous is only present near the end of the day, sometime afternoon, so I'm guessing the dust is irritating his nostrils. I've heard of using peppermint oil to help clear them up and I was wondering if anyone else has tried this before with success.

A huge thank you in advance!
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Forgot to mention that he is a Nigerian Dwarf. Would he be too young/small to have the peppermint oil put on his nose? Also, would it effect moms udder at all?
Anyone use the peppermint oil to clear up congestion on young kids before?
I wouldn't put something on him like peppermint because then he smells differently and mom may reject him.
I'm going to put it on a Q-Tip in front of his nose to smell a few times a day without putting it on his skin. I'll let you know how it works. Thank you for the reply! :D
Poor babe! I hope he clears up for you. So he's about a week old? I wonder if he's too young for antibiotics ...
If using peppermint,(although using neat is safe, babies have more tender skin) you should add to a carrier oil to make it less ittiating to the skin.
A bit is tussen can be given as well to help with congestion...could be he got a bit of milk in his lungs while eager suckling..
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