Congrats, Delilah on your new daughters! Birth story!

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    Okay, here's the story:

    I had noticed that Delilah's udder was filling in more over the past couple of days so I knew she was getting close but her ligs were not softening yet and she had no discharge so I figured that maybe toward the middle/end of the week she'd be ready. I went outside to check on her around midnight and there were still no signs so I left her with Jezebelle and Benny and set my alarm for 6:00am.

    At around 5:30am my husband--who was getting ready for work at the time--came in and said "I think one of the goats is in labor...she's being really loud"...I was like "WHAT?!?!" and came flying out of bed, grabed my jacket, a flash light, and some towels and ran out the door. When I got out there I saw Delilah on the ground thrashing her legs around. She stood up when she saw me and I could see something hanging out of her rear end. I walked around to get a better look and saw a HUGE head...and NO feet sticking out...CRAP! I knew that I was going to have to go in and try to rearrange things so I ran back to the house and washed my hands and told hubby I needed his help. When we got out there, I had him hold Delilah while I eased in around the kid's head. Both legs were back and this kid's shoulders were huge...there was not much wiggle room because she's a FF and I have large of course Delilah was screaming bloody murder (poor girl). I finally got the kid into a position that it could be pulled and it came out. I honestly thought it was dead at first because it was not responsive and after the tug o' war it just went through...I did not really expect it to live. But I swung it and starting cleaning it off anyway and then I heard a gasp! Yes! It was alive! By now Delilah was presenting another bubble but, unlike the first kid, this one just came shooting out. I grabbed it up into a towel and let Delilah start cleaning. Then my Husband and I took Delilah and her new babies to the kidding stall to finish drying and bonding and so I could dip the navels. Once they were settled in their stall I checked the babies rear ends and HOORAY! TWO GIRLS!

    Delilah is being a good, attentive mommy and really loves her new babies. I do have a question that I am going to post in kidding corral though...

    Anyway, I have to say that I am so thankful that my husband noticed there was something going on and was there to help me!

    I know everyone's probably dying to see pic so here they are.The bigger girl that was born first is chocolate and white and the other is black and tan.



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    congrats!!! :leap: It sounds like she kidded exactly how my doe Violet did last week, a head and no feet...but anyway you did a great job!!! :hug:

    Congrats again!! :stars:

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    Delilah did very did too :stars:
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    Congrats on the doe kids. I'm Jealous!! lol :wahoo: :kidred: :kidred: :wahoo:
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    Thanks! I am very surprised that I got doe kids because the buck they were bred to had been throwing mostly buck YAY for me!
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    Aww, I am so glad you were there to help her out!! YAY for healthy babies and mama! :)
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    Very cute! Congrats :leap:
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    Congrats!! They are adorable.