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So happy we got this boy on board!!

Dawn*Star KOH Deliverance (F2)
S: Desertwinds King of Hearts ( FMCH Desertwinds Pocket Aces x Desertwinds Little Lori)
D: SunCatcher Sweet Cassie ( DFF P Vagabon x Silverspur WMPT Sugarhill)

His dam produced 4.3 lbs PER MILKING 2x a day (8lbs = 1 gallon), and regularly stayed in milk for 18+ months without loosing production. She also took Grand Champion 2x in the 2018 MDGA v-show. His sires grand dam was a FMCH doe and a heavy producer in the milk pail as well--she stayed in milk for 4 straight years without drying off! Totally stoked!! Show quality and milk production in one nice little package?? I'll take it!

Working animal Fence Wheel Pet supply Terrestrial animal

Dam @ 8 years old
Working animal Terrestrial animal Snout Goat Horn

Dams 4th freshening udder:
Eyelash Horse Liver Working animal Fawn

Font Terrestrial animal Snout Working animal Wildlife
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