Cordi kidded trips!! Pics added!

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  1. A little unexpected, but Cordi kidded with trips today :kidred: :kidred: :kidblue: [wwooo-hhooo] She is only 143 today?? All kids are doing well! Pics to follow in a bit!
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    Re: Cordi kidded trips!!

    Congrats!!! Can't wait for pics! :D

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    Re: Cordi kidded trips!!

    YAH!!! Congrats!!! And hehe - they are CUTE little buggers :))
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    Re: Cordi kidded trips!!

    Congrats on the new babies.
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    Re: Cordi kidded trips!!

    A big congrats.... :thumb: :greengrin:
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    Ok, so today was 143 for Cordi. I was down at the barn, and noticed she was VERY vocal. She is normally a very quiet doe. So I felt her ligs yup she was mushy, thought ,maaaaaayybe I could feel a little lig on one side. Not a full udder though, so I thought ok we have a bit to go?? YEAH RIGHT! I got done with the disbudding this morning about 11:30am went up to the house to shower, cleaned the house a little, and hung out with the little biped. Then I got this overwhelming feeling that I should go to the barn. It was about 3 in the afternoon now. Well I walked in to Cordi with three little babies around her! :kidred: :kidred: :kidblue: :leap: YAY!!! good girl! They were still pretty wet, so she had JUST had them SHEESH!

    Here they are!!


    [baby_girl] [baby_girl]

    [baby_girl] [baby_girl]

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    Oh too cute!!!! Congrat's on the baby's!
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    Awww...what little cuties!
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    wow they're cuties!
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    Way to go Cordi!! Congrats!!! I am so glad everything went smoothly and Congrats on 3 healthy, BEAUTIFUL kids!!! Don't ya just love those feelings you get? hehe!!
  11. Thankyou! Yup they kinda make ya all guiddy! :love:
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    Awwww very cute Tisie!!! CONGRATS!
  13. Thankyou Laura! :hi5:
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    Awww, congrats! They are adorable and it is cute as heck that the two doelings match. ;) They are even sort-of pink and blue. (Imagination at work here. ;)