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Cosmo and Star's Waiting Room

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Okay, let's start this over. :)

Cosmo the paint doe is due 12/8 and I think she has quads. She had trips last year at about this size at kidding... Poor thing is going to be SO miserable in 4 weeks!

Star the % dappled doe is due 12/11 and she has triplets I'm almost positive. She didn't even look prego last year as a ff and had BIG twins! Star comes from a dam who produces trips each kidding.

The chubby red doe is Liberty, Poli's daughter. :) She wanted to be in a pic too... We just lost Poli, so Liberty is really special. Special-er now... she's always been special. :)


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Look at those bellies!! :) I can't wait to see some adorable kiddos! :D
Boy those girls are huge! They are beautiful girls! Good luck with kidding.
Looking forward to watching this thread and seeing what they each have. As always beautiful goats.
:hug: They all look wonderful Victoria :)
Those bellies are huge ! Cosmo and Star are such gorgeous girls :)
I need to hug Liberty , lol. She is such a cutie pie :)

Best of luck with kidding and looking forward to seeing their beautiful babies :cool:
Aaaccckkk! Are you doorways going to be wide enough?! :D Beautiful girls you have there as always! Can't wait to see the babies!
Can't wait to see their herd of kids.....and it does look like they each have a herd in their ;) now is star cosmos daughter???
Thank you all! :) I'm getting really excited about these girls. :)

Nope, Star isn't Cosmo's daughter. She is related to our black dapple doeling Dazzle though. Star is a granddaughter to Dazzle's dad Camo.

Last year, Star gave us two reds bred to our paint buck and Cosmo gave us two traditionals and a red out of our paint buck! Our goats don't know what color they are supposed to be having!!! :rolleyes:

We are going to get a new bred doe on Saturday. :) I am really excited.... so I'll have to add her on here too. There are several that I am looking at, so not sure who we'll end up with or when she'll be due yet.
Liberty sure is chunky :p Can't wait to see the kids :) And what doe you end up with!
Can't wait to see your new doe !
Crossroads - How old is Liberty? She is beautiful... as a matter of fact they all are!!!!!:D
Thank you Springkids. :) Liberty is 8 months old. She showed really, really well this year. We love her. :)
Amazing...Beautiful girls....You should have some great kids. Can't wait to see pictures. My kids aren't due untill March. Sure makes for a long winter....
Got it!!! I didn't think she was but thought you had posted before that she was.....I get confused lol.
I wish you would lie and say liberty is like 10 months old :p I was so proud of my 8 month old before now lol. She is a beautiful girl. But you know me I'm really looking forward to see some Cosmo kids ;)
Can't wait for those kids, they are going to be adorable! And liberty is beautiful :)
Thanks. They are both bred to our ennobled buck Mr. Rich, so we should get some great kids. :)

We also just had a % doe bred to Rich yesterday. I think Paint Ball and Rich will cross perfectly, so am looking forward to those kids. I think it's too early to add Paint Ball on here though... :D Then there's Ace who is bred to Teflon and due in March. So our kiddings will be all spread out!
I have to wait 5 months for kids! :( One doe is being bred today, another was bred a few days ago. Then Annie and the possible new Boer will be bred in January!
This is Cosmo and Star last kidding at this stage in their pregnancy. About 4 weeks from kidding. Cosmo is not majorly different, but Star sure is!


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I would add Paint Ball ! We can all stay on one thread , lol
It will be easier for you ;)
And I love to see all your goats :)
Liberty is such a chunker! She's still my favorite Boer in the world, though!
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