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  1. I am sharing my story of cougars in our area. We had a cougar kill a few years ago, got a sheep in the pasture. After killing here it ended up down the road -l mile- and killed 3 sheep at our friends. State trapper came with dogs and got it - huge male.
    We know we have them here and I always worry. Have night lights out and use Niteguards all over. Must look crazy from the air.
    When I take the goats into the woods for browse I carry a gun. Last fall I heard a funny low grumble sound (not really a growl) only about 8-10 feet from me in the underbrush. My dog and goats took off full speed back to the barn and I backed away slowly, terrified -didn't have my gun. My husband went out to investigate and saw a very large cougar track right where I heard the sound.
    This week the same neighbor had a cougar kill a sheep. He dragged the sheep up to his house (I presume to bury) and the cougar came back and dragged it back to where it was originally. Feed off it again. My hubby suggested hooking a fishing line to the sheep and parking his camper closer to the kill so he could tell when the line was pulled out some. Anyway - he got the cougar. It appeared to be totally unafraid of people or I would think it would not hang around when it must have known a human was close. Very scary. I would also guess it was the one that scared me. My hubby said it was a huge male.
    I love where we live but the cougars around here -too commonly seen and too many of them. It is unfortunate that no one shoots at them (at least around here) so they get so brave. Not afraid of people. We have seen tracks and got pictures on the game camera of them right behind the house. We even try target shooting out back just hoping the sound of a gun might help deter them from here. I had not known that they would just keep killing if they get in with your stock. I had always thought they only killed for food but have learned that is not so. A shearer we used to use had 7 sheep killed in one evening -trapper got it also.
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    That is terrible. Glad you got it.

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    How awful, good you got him.
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    I was talking to my neighbor that lives about 1/2 mile away yesterday and he reported a cougar in his yard recently. So far have not seen signs here but there is a lot of rough country here and good habitat. Pretty scary. My electric fences have kept the coyotes and ferrel dogs out but would be no problem for a cat that could jump 4ft. I'm originally from Kansas where this would not be a problem. I hope my 2 Pyranees pups grow up fast and learn to bark with authority :worried:
  5. Wow...that's a truly sobering account, wndngrvr. I'm glad you all are safe and that ya'll got 'em (sounded like two separate cats?). We get cougar here in east Texas every now and then, and they can be very bold. Scary. We have 3 LGD's...only had two the last time a cat was stalking our goats (even coming up onto our front porch!), but the dogs did their job and kept her out of the paddocks. She was here for about six weeks. I guess she finally figured there had to be easier prey elsewhere. Last fall a neighbor about a mile away lost a goat or two to a cougar, but we had no indication it had come back to our immediate area. Gotta love these dogs! We have one neighbor -- a weekender from the city -- who once complained about their barking. We told him that story and he hasn't said a word since!
  6. Adding an update - our neighbor called today - he found a dead lamb a few days ago, vultures already on it so didn't know what really happened but also the next day had a pretty grown lamb disappear. Saturday he was at the coast and got home around 4:00 and found his katahdin ram dead - definite cougar kill. Must have scared it off when he came home he thought because it had the neck wound and bites but nothing had been eaten. This is pretty scary because it means we have several hunting here. He thinks his missing lamb was probably taken over the fence. Maybe a female cat with cubs?
    My barn sounds like the goats are having a party - outside lights are on - radio is turned up high in my milking trailer next to the barn.
    I think thank heavens for Niteguard lights - think they really work.
    My husband said Costco has motion sensor outside lights on special so we are going to get several of them.
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    Wow. That is scary. Hope you can get them. At least you can lock up your goats.
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    Scary!!! I am glad you guys and your goats are ok!
  10. Neighbor called early Sat. morning to get Tom to help him skin out a second cougar. His dogs were barking and he went out and there was a second one - he shot it. Fish and Wildlife told him it was a three year old male - non breeding as yet. I guess you have to call them here and they come out an take a tooth and some samples. I think it is amazing that someone could get to even shoot one let alone get 2 in just over a week. Thank heavens for all our security -something must be working.
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    That is great. Hopefully no more trouble for you.
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    need to contact your locale fish and game and have them send someone out. You might fabricate a bit more on it stalking you. They should take care of it.
  13. Oregon no longer has a state trapper Dave and basically you are on your own unless you hire a trapper (I was told this) and you need permission for a trapper to go on other people's property and when you live in the liberal area we are in -forget that. Most of our neighbors think owning guns makes us bad people.
    There has been another sighting of a cougar in the area also.

    We got a picture on a game camera a couple of years ago of a mother and 3 cubs on our property. We are wondering if she has left them and that is why we are having the problem right now with so many. My trips to the feed store -I hear a lot of stories of cougar problem. There are just too many and they have lost their fear of man.