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Cough, No Runny Nose

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I have 4 Nigerian Dwarf Goats. About a 6 weeks ago, my wethered male developed a cough, sounds like a ciagarette smoker. Then, one of the girls. Took to vet. He said not in lungs, thought he had an irritated throat. Gave penicillin. Injected wether and doe. The cough still hangs on, so I decided might be lung worm. DId a pour on injection of Ivermectin a week ago. Now another doe is coughing. Hmmmm.

THinking back on it, I switched them from alfalfa to a grass hay. Do you think the grass hay could be bothering them? The wether coughs first thing when he wakes up and then if he exerts himself, say starts butting and playing around. The girls, there coughs are more rare, don't really do it when they get up or when they run around.

Thinking about doing the pour on Ivermectin again in a few days.

Oh, I do have mini donkey. Read on one website goats sometimes get lungworm around donkeys. Have wormed everyone regularly.

Have also read lungworms are where it is wet. I live in New Mexico, but for us we did have a wet summer.
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I wouldn't be terribly concerned about lungworm, especially that you've mentioned you've switched to a grass hay. Finish out your second dose though. Grass naturally has more dust. Just out of curiosity do they only do it while eating or right after eating? All the time? I would try Benadryl on the worst one, see what happens. If there is no fever, no nasal discharge, I don't suspect pneumonia either.

My opinion? Dust, tickle of the throat, or allergies.
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