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I recently bought two Alpine goats from the fair. They were up to date on all vaccines and from the same breeder. The older goat, Pugsly, was born this year in February. The younger goat, Frankenstein, was born in March. When we bought the goats about two weeks ago we noticed when we got home that Pugsly was sneezing a little bit. After reading online it seemed to let it run it's course (if maybe it were a virus or cold). We noticed that within the past week that Frankenstein started sneezing too and they both have running greenish yellow discharge from their noses. Pugsly is now coughing a little and is becoming lethargic ( laying down a little more than usual, won't make any noises ) They are both still eating a drinking well but this definitely gave me a raise for concern. So I went to TSC bought six 3/4" 20 gauge needles and LA 200. I though I would inject Pugsly first. I checked his temp first at it was 104.2 He weighs approx. 40-45 lbs so based on the bottle I gave him 1.7 cc to be on the safe side. I injected it IM in his hind leg and immediately he hit the ground and laid there for about two minutes. He started to pass bowels and looks like he was really drunk wobbling his head all over and laying it on the ground with his eyes closed. I seriously thought that I had killed my goat :( !!! Is this a normal reaction to this medication? I heard that it does give a strong sting but he legitimately looked like he was going to die. Once he stood up he walked over to some weeds and started grazing like nothing happened.

My questions are:
1. Was this a normal reaction? Why did he react this way?
2. When can I give him a second dose and how much? How long?
3. Should I give him asprin before? (Maybe also help bring temp down to 103?
4. Can the dogs or myself catch what a guessing is a pneumonia from the goats?
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