Coughing goat what should I do?

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by Kfin, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    When i got my three girls Panda was 3 months old and had a cough, she only seemed to get it when she played or got excited. I did some reading and though it might be lung worm or something so I gave her Ivermectin the injectable kind but gave it orally.
    It seem to help because she stopped coughing for a long time.

    She was bred a month ago and just this week has started this coughing again, but now it seems like she starts a coughing spell and it last a long time, but not just when she gets excited, it can happy anytime now.

    What should I do? Her drinking and eating is normal, and she does not seem to feel bad. Just has this nasty cough.

    Should I worm her withthe Ivermectin again? I also have Ivercare for horses I could use that instead.

    I have not taken a temp but plan to later this afternoon. Although Idon't expect she has one as she acts normal and is still playful. I just have no clue what to do next, and since she is bred I really don't want to risk her loosing her kids.
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    There is a test called check for lung worms...

    Get a temp anyway make sure... she doesn't have something going on there....

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    They can have a fever even if they act normal. I had a doeling who got sick and I am just finishing up a round of anti-biotics. Her symptoms were simply watery eyes, and a slightly snotty nose when she got out and my dog chased her around the barn. I also noticed that she was standing by herself more than usual, even though she had a good appetite and was perky. Took her temperature and she was at 106. Gave her LA200 and she is fine.

    Also, is it possible that she had lungworms, you treated her and they died...but now she needs wormed again? If you wormed her at 3 months and now she is old enough to be bred, a good chunk of time has passed. It is very conceivable that she is re-infected. Some goats have a chronic cough from scarring that occurred during a respiratory infection or a case of lungworms.