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Coughing Goat

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We have about half our herd coughing steadily. We have issued 5 days of penecillin once but still have coughers. Any suggestions... Also the goats coughing do no have a snotty nose.. just dry coughing.
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Dry lot? Dusty hay? Dry windy weather? Mine will cough more under those conditions. Is it constant coughing or just occasionally?
Another poster asked about coughing too. Have you taken any temps?

Mine tend to cough a little when the winter air comes in. The dry, cold wind seems to bring up more dust in the hay at mealtime, and I notice them coughing into it while they eat. Also, many Lamancha owners in upstate NY complain that the breed is not well suited to the cold and they tend to have sniffles and wheezing all winter, despite pneumonia vacs and antibiotics.

I don't personally have experience with lungworms, but have you considered that, and given a good wormer for that specific worm?
Check their Eyelids and gums, if they are pink then it shows health, but pale usually means there is something wrong, but that is not a for sure method. I wouldn't give many antibiotics or meds unless you know what exaclty is going on, because it can cause other issues. I had two does that were dry coughing and they ended up having respitory infections
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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