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I am new to the whole goats thing! I purchased some goats recently and added them to my healthy heard I now have all of my goats coughing with nasal discharge most of them are bread and noticing some weight loss I know that there must be some experience on here that could lead me to the right direction I'm very familiar with Tractor Supply buying my on antibiotics vaccinations and all that good stuff any tips would be very appreciated.
Most likley is?
How to treat?
What drugs?
Where and how much?
thank you

ADD: No temps yet and all berries. They are free range grass eaters but will steal dog food given the chance

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I agree..start with a temp..normal range is 101.5 and 103.5...A fecal would help determine is worms are an issue ..
Are they all eating, drinking well..pooping berries? no runny bums? What are you feeding and how much?

If they are running temps Tyaln 200 1 cc per 25# sub Q every 12 hours for five full days..B coplex is a great support vitamine...
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