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    Teresa, thanks. I do realize she seems small and she is. She was the smallest of triplets. I also got a wether from the same breeder who is one day younger and alot bigger than her. She was weighed a few weeks ago at the vets. Maybe up to 20, I will weigh her before doing anything. I spent alot of time looking through the merck vet manual trying to research this. As I said, she only seems to cough after running and playing. No fever, no nasel discharge. When I listen to her lungs they don't seem congested. Would the ivermectin treatment hurt her if this isn't what it is? What is the dosege? I have the injectable. Also due to her size she hasn't really been with the other goats except for her brother. She has only been in with the others on a limited basis when they are allowed to free range on the property and I am always there. So should they still all be treated as well? It seems that there really aren't any definitive tests for lung worm. But I don't want to take any chances on losing her. And after the antibiotics her brother hasn't coughed. She just started again the other day. But I worry due to her size that she is more suseptable to things. Thanks for you help Cathy
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    well little bit seems to be doing better this am. She went running down the hill when i large three branch fell (we are having high winds) and she didn;t cough at all. first time in a couple of eeks that i have noticed. But it just seems to be never ending when i fed the goats last night i was filling the kid water bucket and dixie came up to be petted. I was running my hand over her and felt something warm and sticky. she was bleeding. as it was getting dark and i have no lights down there. She seems to have two puncture wounds about an inch apart. My clippers arn;t working so i can;t shave the spot to get the hair out of the wounds. So im doing my best to lean them and put ointment on them. and then giving her pen.

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    oh dear! I wonder what caused that. Try getting some children's fisker sissors (can't spell it right now) to cut down the hair a little
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    thanks stacey, i tried cutting the hair down a little. It helps a bit. My last years kids are soooo fuzzy. I had a friend over the other day and she was petting sera and dixie and telling them what a lovely pair of boots their coats would make (jokingly of course she has goats too and loves them to death)
    Dixie seems to limping a bit on that leg, its right down in her stifle area. great major muscle there. But im cleaning it twice a day and putting ointment on it. and giving her antibiotics. other then a little bit of a limp she seems her usual self. she is perky and eating and loving on me.
    Im just about done getting everyones feet trimmed. only two does left, i have been doing two a day the last few days thankfully the muddy work is almost over for the month.