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I have recently bought a Nubian doeling from a friend, and she had kept the nubian in the same pen as a buckling who was more then able to be able to breed, and she hasn't been with the buckling since late july which would have made the doeling 2 months old... is that possible? ...... the two goats are not related, but recently the doeling has gotten quite a belly on her and im really worried because from what i do know she is not big or old enough to be having a baby... I have never had a pregnant doe before so i have no clue how to check... she doesn't seem to be developing an udder... and if you guys need me to i can post pictures of whatever is needed... please help me!

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It's unlikely but remotely possible especially for two mo old.
If you post a few pics from behind there are pooch experts here.
Speaking of experts, (cough cough) my two yr old 50% Nub was looking pretty big. Was sure a 5 mo old buckling got her.
She even had an ultaround saying she was 2 mos along. It never happened.
Your girl is probably in a growth spurt.
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