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Could my young buck be infertile?

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I’ve got a 7 month old nigerian dwarf buck that has no interest in being a buck. My other bucks went into rut late July. This buck hasn’t even started extending yet. He doesn’t hump the other bucks or try to drink his pee. I have leashed walked him around does and he just keeps on walking. He’s also been around does in raging heat and has no interest. He has had no bad experiences with the does that would make him shy and he gets along fine with the rest of the bucks. Should I be worried that he might be infertile?
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I don't think him being infertile would make him not act like a buck! I'd think he'd still be after the girls... my buck was extending at a very young age, we'll just say he knows his job lol. Give him some more time he's still young. I'm not positive hopefully someone else chimes in here.
Some goats take longer than others! My aunt bought a buck and his did not get bucky or breed girls until he was I think a year and a half!!
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Some take longer than others. Also mineral deficiency will affect them.
Yep, some take longer. ;)
I agree some take longer and sometimes mineral deficiency does play a role too. I had one buck at a day old mounting the barn cat but others not until 7 weeks old. I have seen my uncle's bucks still be 8 months before interest but them.
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The best buck I have doesn't act bucky at all. His 6 penmates (Giant Saanens, a couple Alpines and a 200# Lamancha) do all the buck stuff, continually.
He walks up to the doe, (I hand breed everyone), calmly sniffs, mounts and done. 2 times, sometimes 3, then he is finished, and is ready to go back into the
crazy buck pen. They all settle. The other idiots blubber at a doe, pee, etc. it's more a show than real action- lol They take awhile to get the deed done. (They keep
making sure someone is watching- no onlookers, no action! )

Each buck is different. Your guy may be the slow, polite kind!
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