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Our fair actually ended two weeks ago so a little late posting this. I wasn't going to then I realized how much I enjoy reading about other's success and seeing the pictures so I figured I should share mine for others to see.

We are located in LaPorte County Indiana. We have a large fair and actually had over 300 goats at the fair. It is a pretty even split with just over 100 each of Dairy, Boer, and Pygmy. Our Boer project has still been stuck following some of the dairy rules as those in charge are dairy people and the county hasn't let us split yet. Nothing against dairy people of course. Just in this case we aren't allowed horns on our boer goats when the horns are part of the breed standard and every goat at open shows have horns so they are then at a disagvantage in those shows. Enough of the back story.....on to the show.

We have 5 kids showing goats from our family/extended family. My brother Jared was in his 10th year. I then have two cousins(Katelyn & Melissa) that help on the farm and show our animals and my older brother has two girls(Sami & Katie) that show.

We also have a neighbor(Bailey) that we offered some stud service to so I will include him in this as well.

For the wethers- in the lightweight class of about 15 we had a second place.
In the middle weight division Jared got 1st and Bailey got 2nd, we also had 5,6 & 7 in that class with once again 15 in the class. It took the judge not exagerating 19 minutes to decide that class with about 15 of it switching 1st and second back and forth. In the heavyweight class we had 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The judge took a good 10 minutes sorting those 3 out.
So in the Championship Drive Jared had the Champion Middle and Heavy. Then Katie had the reserve Heavy, Bailey the reserve middle, and Sami the reserve light. So 4 of the 6 were ours in the chamion drive and a 5th one was out of our buck. We ended up getting Grand and Reserve with our two heavy weights.
Jared and Katie with their wethers
Jared and Bailey with their middle weights

On to the breeding does.
0-3 month Class- Katelyn got 1st, only 2 in the class
3-6 month- Bailey got 1st, Sami 2nd, about 12 in the class
1-2 year old class- Katie 1st, Jared 4th, Katelyn 12th out of 12(Her daughter was the 0-3 month, brought the mom for Dam & Daughter)
2-3 Melissa- 2nd place of about 10

Our little 0-3 month doe won Overall Grand Champion and our 1-2 year old doe won Overall Reserve.

Onto Dam and daughter. The dam was thin from raising her kid and wasn't anything to talk about even before that. As I mentioned she did get last in her class. After her daughter got Grand Champion it was hard for the judge not to pick them considering the improvement from one generation to the next. So we did end up winning that as well.

Both Does and both wethers were sired by our main herdsire Buffalo Bill who is a buck that i rescued from a bad situation with his previous owner(Not the original breeders fault, he was sold in a sale and they had no knowledge of the situation). Actually had a thread about him a few months back

End of a long day. Makes all the hard work worth it to see those smiles


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