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Thank you everyone for the kind words!

Unfortunately, we just started our kidding season with a BANG.

Space (bred to Pop Shot) kidded QUAD DOES last night. She鈥檚 a FF, and I felt like I was pulling rabbits out of a hat like a magician.

This is exactly why I tell people that quads can be unpredictable. I ultrasounded twins, and this doe is one of our smallest yearlings. Her belly gave zero indication of anything other than a single or a twin. Even after pulling quads, she looks normal - not dramatically sunk in.

Space鈥檚 first little red doeling was found cold and weak but dry. Her mom was very attentive but weighing in at only 3lbs, she was too small to stay warm. It took a long time to get her back up to temp, but we did it! She is in the house doing well and taking a bottle as I type this. Even after 10 years of being in the goat business, it blows my mind how babies can practically be brought back from the brink of death with some warm towels and a space heater.

As we were warming up the little red doeling, Space was still uncomfortable and pawing. Keep in mind, she didn鈥檛 look like she had much else in there lol. I go in and check just to make sure, and I find a second baby. Pull her out, and we got a black paint doe! She was lively and normal sized. I reach in again, and I pull a big red doeling! She was loud and ready to go.

I reach in one last time, and I feel a front leg. I pulled, and I found the second front leg. Problem was, there wasn鈥檛 a head, and the joints on the legs felt strange. The baby was coming into the birth canal with EASE. There was zero resistance, and I still couldn鈥檛 find the head. There was no head, and I was elbow deep! I decided to pull anyways expecting to see a headless kid鈥ope. The kid had came out upside down and backwards. The 鈥渇ront legs鈥 I had felt were indeed back legs that were bent in the opposite direction at the joint and fused. I don鈥檛 know the term, but we call these 鈥渞ocking horse legs鈥. We鈥檝e only gotten them one other time in a set of triplets or quads many years ago. She was eventually put down, as she would never be able to walk, and I could tell her back legs were causing her pain. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Anyways, the little red doeling is doing well. My family is going out to check on the two others with Space out in the barn soon. I鈥檒l give you guys an update! I will be busy today and away from the farm, but I鈥檒l be on the farm Sunday, so my update may wait until then.

I hope to have pictures of all three healthy doelings soon.

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Oh my goodness, you must be exhausted! My adrenalin would be thru the roof, then slammed on the floor. Im so sorry the doeling was put down. Bless her heart. Im excited to see pictures of the triplets. They sound adorable.
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