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Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by logansmommy7, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    Ok-I'm officially freaked...a neighbor just told me that he saw a coyote in the cornfield next to our house-not directly next to our field but within sight. I would be devastated if one killed any of my goats or chickens. We will definitely kill one if we saw it but I am worried about night time. My chickens are locked up at night so that isn't too much of a worry and my goats are kept in a stall with a pallet across the door so they are relatively protected...what else do I do to keep these away? We have a dog but he stays in at night, so that won't help. Any advice is much appreciated...
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    Feb 1, 2009
    We hear the coyotes howling around here all the time, but we never see any, they have never bothered any of our animals or poultry. (knock on wood) Neighbors say that there is too much else for them to eat around here. :shrug:

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    We have coyotes here to they come right up to the house but have never had problems. They now have a new years feast bc I hit a deer not even a tenth of a mile from my house this morning. So I know they wont be bothering the goats for atleast a couple days. You should be fine.
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    Just saw one crossing the corn field behind my house this morning......we have them all around us.... they seem to come in closer to our buildings and house during the winter months, looking for food. We completely lock our goats and chickens up at night.... I am even very vigilant watching for them when my small terriers are outside.........have been told that a large outside dog is the best way to keep them at bay......but I really don't want a large dog to deal with.
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    We have coyotes here and they are starting to pack up which is unusual for Eastern Coyotes. Since trapping is allowed here we let a professional trapper come in and he caught two, but we have seen at least 6 more.

    I use theNight Guard predator lights on my fences..spaced about 60 feet apart. We also use the no climb 2x4" fencing and try to make sure that there is no crawl under space where the gates are. I have a motion detector solar light at the gate. I know that some people also run a "hot" wire about 6 inches above the ground and 5 " out from the fence on the outside of the fence as an extra deterent to a predator getting near the fence. Coyotes are careful opportunists and won't mess with anything that looks or smells suspicious.

    I also have a baby monitor on our porch, about 200 ft. from the goat pen so I can monitor sounds at night. I heard a coyote howl one night about 2:00 am and my husband headed out with the gun, but the coyote slipped into the woods before he got off a shot.

    A neighbor lost an orphan lamb to coyotes about 6 weeks ago and we have found remains of three fawns. On a more positive note though, I haven't seen any signs or footprints around our goat pen. I would be nervous about the safety of kids, but adult goats with horns may look a little too risky for a coyote. We have cows as well and when we have calves momma cow does a good job of keeping the coyotes away.
  6. We have them around and they have come through the yard but the dogs here keep them away. When I had my LDG here at the house we never heard a mouse she kept so much things away.
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    We have coyotes too. We can hear them across the street howling every night. You'd swear there were 30 of them howling. I even ran outside one night to scare them off and one ran right through the bushes in front of me. I decided to fence off a corner in the pasture for my dogs to stay in. It seems to work well for keeping the coyotes away. Now if I could deter the bobcat from coming hear. He was in the backyard last week chasing a squirrel for a snack.