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    Oct 21, 2015

    We have two Nigerian Dwarf wethers that are around 6 months old named Randy and Jesco. I noticed that one of them (Randy) has a cracked hoof. It appears to be on the outside wall and it is on his back leg. I tried to get a good look at it and it appears that it is cracked too far for me to just trim it off and I'm honestly not sure if that would be the right course of action or not. These are our first goats. We originally had three and already lost one. The one with the cracked hoof has been sick since we got him too with a pseudomonas tracheal infection and pneumonia. He has been on Gentamicin IM after he had a course of penicillin for the pneumonia. He has been off of that for about a week but still has a cough. I don't know if that could have contributed to his hooves being weakened or if it just a coincidence. His buddy Jesco has been healthy since we have had him and his feet look great. I just wanted to make sure to give you all of the information in case it could be contributing to the issue. I'm wondering what the best course of action for him would be. Should I try to trim off as much as I can? Should I let it grow out further and hope it doesn't break completely? Is there a product you would recommend I try to help strengthen that hoof? We cut their hooves about a month ago so they aren't super long but I think we could trim some off. Any information is greatly appreciated as we are novices. I've been reading what I can but thought someone here might have a good recommendation. They eat Purina noble goat with beet pulp with molasses and black oil sunflower seeds. Free choice hay, manna pro goat mineral and baking soda. Thanks so much.

    Kelly, Randy and Jesco
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    Take away the baking soda. It deactivates ammonium chloride. I would trim it again. Can you post a picture?