Critique/Judge my does ---- PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Photogenic' started by Muddy Creek Farm, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Ok here's how I place(going only by side shots because my internet is slow tonight, but I do remember seeing rear shots)

    1. Isabel
    2. Janna
    3. Nestea
    4. Ginger
    5. Azriel

    Isabel is very lovely, very long, dairy, great general appearance and great body capacity. She has sharp withers that blend smoothly into her long neck, a very nice topline, level and strong, her rump is very long and has a great angle and shape from hips to pins. She places over Janna for her general appearance.

    Janna is also very nice, she is dairy, long, well blended, she has nice withers that blend smoothly into her neck, a strong topline, she has a nice rump but it does not appear to be as long as Isabels. She places over Nestea for her stronger topline.

    Nestea does have a strong topline, but it does not have the strength that Janna's does. SHe is very upstanding, has very sharp withers that blend smoothly into her neck, she does appear to have a steep rump but that may just be an optical illusion to me. She places over Ginger for her angularity.

    Ginger is a very nice doe, she has an 'up hill' topline. Her withers are sharp and blend smoothly into her neck, her neck does not appear to be as long as the does ahead of her. She also appears to have a short rump. She places over Azriel for her general appearance.

    Not to take anything away from Azriel, she is very pretty, but since she isn't clipped, she seems to be 'hiding' a lot of her good points. She is very long, has a strong topline, her withers appear to be sharp, but I don't see length of neck in that photo to match it. Her rump appears to be a little steep but that may be an optical illusion.

    I'll do your bucks tommorrow :wink: