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Critique My Goat Parasite Management Plan

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Here is my current plan to prevent future parasite outbreaks. We live in Southern Missouri.
We will keep the herd in a pen with electric netting and move it every two to four weeks.
They will also graze freely in the horse pasture for a couple of hours a day.
I will give LOH tea 3 times a week to kids and once a week to adults.
I will give a pinch of copper sulfate to the milkers weekly.
I will give sweet orange EO weekly.
They also have free choice mineral blocks and loose mineral.
Should I change anything?
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Other than barber pole worm, the life cycle of most other parasites is 21 days for hatching out. Don't turn them out while the grass is heavy with dew, it's easier for worm larva to climb up wet grass. Try to not let the grass get eaten down until it is short. If possible, let the areas they are rotated from rest 90 days before using that area again. The 90 day break will cleanse the area of parasites because the worms naturally die off from the soil since they can't reproduce without a goat host eating the larva and continuing the life cycle.
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