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And here ya go....Cob Cottage HKOH Enchanted, King's first daughter that I will retain. And I can't wait till next year. :p:leap::D:cool:

She's pictured at two months old. I would love honest, nit-picky opinions on her! Also, her knees are growing into her legs-they're half as big as they were when I took that pic!!

I'm working on getting rear pics of her-she acts like a jack rabbit when ever I try, LOL.


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I see: Nice rump, nice topline, does dip down though, I would like to see straighter legs actually, doesn't look to toe out, overall she looks very dairy and has great conformation.

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She is also very beautiful. Not much to dislike. I followed the link to her page and on her rear shot I noticed that she toes out and could do with a little more width, but other than that, I really like her.

Love how elegant she looks, too. Your herd is very nice!

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Well I guess I'm going to be the one that will be incredibly nit-picky! Lol.

Toe out in rear
Tad too much rear leg angulation (but that is most likely from scrunching her down)
The chest floor could blend better into the girth
Neck could be a bit longer with a tad more blending into the withers
Could have more brisket
Could be quite a bit wider in the escutcheon, and have more arch in the escutcheon
I would like to see more width throughout the body
I would like her to have more depth into the rear barrel

Nice amount of body length
Fairly level rump
Very angular
Lots of femininity
Great dairy character
Neck blends well into the brisket
Front legs are squarly set under her
Nice strong topline
Great strength in the chine
Decent upstanding stature
Nice strong shoulders
Withers are nice, not too prominent
Long bone patteren throughout
Looks to exhibit nice, flat bone
Nice thurls
Appears to have a decent spring of rib
Strong upright pasturns
Nice width in the hips and pins
Nice pallet
Conforms to breed standards
No serious defects.

Really nice doeling aside from the toe out, and lack of width. I would love to see her as she matures, and I'm really curious as to how Kings' daughters mammary systems are!

Is her tail still like that?

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Grrrrr....So, apparently, I deleted the pic that really shows how nice her udder is. :mad: I'll try to get ANOTHER one of her body and udder soon. OK, so in this pic, she toes out. I can never manage to get a good, show-offy pic.


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I love her. She has great extension of brisket and nice leg set. Nice smooth topline but in this picture, her rump slopes a bit more than it looked in the first picture and she looked longer in the first picture.... just goes to show you that pictures can be deceiving. Se has a nice uphill stance and long dairy neck. She has lots of body capacity already. All in all she is a very nice doeling and I would be proud to own her.
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