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  1. i LOVE dairy/meat goat crosses! preferably F1 gen but i have some beautiful F2 gen goats as well. is there a name existing already for these cross breeds ( IE like a kinder goat) but for meat and dairy, like the following crosses: saanen/boer; apline/boer; lamancha/boer?

    PS: i will not be breeding anymore lamancha/boer because they're not very good to look at (pictured below)

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  2. i understand the patterns of inheritance vary as well and the uselessness when these breeds are crosses (effectively creating a goat that's not a production animal for meat OR milk) but i have a strong fondness for them as a low maintenance, healthy and personable goat

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  3. ksalvagno

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    No. There isn't.
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  4. Caileigh Jane Smith

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    Dec 1, 2019
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    I can't help you much with terminology. Maybe dual purpose goat?
    But oh my! That La Mancha/Boer kid! Bless his heart!
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  5. happybleats

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    I love the lamacha boer cross. They have been some of the most stable cross over the years. Stocky and sound. I think they are lovely to look at too. Ill find a few pix of some I have had. They also sell very well here. We no longer breed them as our last boer is retired. Saanen boer cross are my next fave. Very nice cross. We sold saanen buck to noee breeders to help increase milk production in their herd. We have done nubian as well..again..nice. maybe you can be the first to coin a name for the crosses
  6. oh my Indeed!! one buyer remarked that he looks a bit like a dragon in the face!!
  7. very true, a lamancha cross typically has a fantastic personality and hardiness that's extremely desirable. that's probably my biggest reason for wanting to cross them, and the F1 lamancha/boers are very attractive! the only reason i can find for the F3 tan bucking looking like a dragon is just the infusion of kiko/boer ??? the lamancha ear has a surprisingly strong inheritance in hindsight
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    A guy I know who used to breed packgoats from dairy/meat crosses used to call them
    "Sabors" (cool name!), "Bopines," and "LaBoers."
  9. happybleats

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    Sep 12, 2010
    Gustine Texas
    Yes the lamancha ear is very strong trait. All my saanen/lamancha cross are born white and with elf ears lol. (White being very dominant in natural white goats)
  10. Caileigh Jane Smith

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    I have Nubians, so I'm used to ears, ears, and yet more ears. I have heard that LaManchas are excellent goats, though!
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  11. goodenuff

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    We used to have Lamancha/guernsey does that had elf and gopher ears with slightly longer hair. I just had a boer/guernsey buckling born a month ago and he is a tank! He is absolutely huge. IMG_0362.jpg He’s standing next to his mama.
  12. Jessica84

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    Lamancha boers, I call them laboers, are by far my favorite cross to a boer. Sadly though I’m just down to 1. I made the huge mistake to keep their horns on and they ended up being the devil. But yes those ears seem to never go away lol one doe I sold the owner has 5th generation now, always bred to a boer and still has those tiny little ears.
  13. Boers4ever

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    Jun 28, 2020
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    I’ve heard that Laboers are good goats. I might add a lamancha doe into my boer herd one of these days.
  14. TxCoffeeCrew

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    New to goats since May, but I really like crosses myself. I was surprised when I bought my reg. Mini LaMancha what a big girl she is especially next to my Nigies she's a lot of goat and she knows it! I joke where's the mini part of her.
    Going to breed her to an Alpine/Nd buck in the fall.. and I'm adding a Alpine/Nubian doe to my herd.
    I did see a little Kiko/lamancha that was pretty adorable... But I'm more interested in dairy x for milk production. Later I'd like to possibly do fiber goats like Pygora or nygoras.
    Fun thread!

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  15. Those are Fantastic names!!!
  16. Holy crap! i figured is was a dominant gene but i didnt know it was That dominant! im curious to see how that pattern of inheritance works
  17. Davi

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    Apr 9, 2019
    I have a Saneen/Nubian cross thats a fifth generation in a line attempting to make a new breed of dual purpose goats, I dunno how well it worked since we've never been able to milk her (shes got hard bag) but she is literally the sweetest thing in the world

    (Not the best picture cause of her winter coat making her look scruffy, but at 10 years old she deserves to have a bad hair day or 2)
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