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    Jan 31, 2010
    i want to buy a blue eyed goat. and seeing as the only ones to be found are nigi dwarf then i am contemplating buying one. i'd like to get moonspots too. so if i can find a blue eyed moonspotted nigi buck to buy (or breed with) then i will have hit the goat lottery!!! but just blue eyes is good for me.
    *will a nigi dwarf breed standard dairy does?
    *what are the odds of blue eyes in the kids?
    *will the kids pass down blue eyes or will i have to keep rebreeding to a nigi to keep the trait? (i am aiming for a blue eyed standard size goat)

    this is all just contemplating right now.....
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    May 18, 2010
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    Yes, you can breed nigie bucks to standard does, that is how all the "mini" breeds are started. Sometimes you might have to "help" by standing the doe on lower ground or giving the buck a platform, but many times they are able to get the job done just fine themselves! If you google blue eye genetics in goats you should be able to find a chart with probablities. I would say when I breed my blue eyed bucks to brown eyed does I usually get about 50% although higher with some bucks. The blue eyed kids can then pass on the blue eyes, but again, only a % of their offspring will be blue-eyed. From what I understand, they can not pass on blue eyes unless they have blue eyes themselves.

    I just so happen to have a blue-eyed, moonspotted ND buck for sale I can make you a deal on :greengrin:

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    Oct 7, 2007
    Yes a nigerian will breed a full sized doe, if the buck is heterozygous for blue eyes you should get 50% blue eyed kids (if he's homozygous you'll get 100% blue eyes (to be homozygous both parents would have to be blue eyed)). And yes the blue eyed kid will pass on the blue eyes, you wouldn't need to keep breeding nigerians in, as long as one parent is blue eyed, blue eyes can be passed on.
  4. This is correct. You can find many breeds in blue eyed though. The Myotonic or fainting goat is very popular with blue eyes. To add to the info here in blue eyed genetics, like in humans, the OCA2 gene is mutated. This turns off the ability to create brown eyes if the mutation is carried. This is a resessive gene but as posted blue to blue can give you blue nearly all the time and 50% on half and half breeding. Now should the sire or dam with brown eyes have blue eyed genetics your odds go up on the 50%. Hope that makes since.