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Curling horn after disbudding

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Our goats all had their horns disbudded as babies. 3 out of 4 are growing 1-2 inch small horns which I don't think is majorly uncommon. Anyhow, one of my girls has us a little worried. The horn piece that's growing is curling toward her head. What should we do?? Of course, we don't want to clip/trim it ourselves because I know they can bleed. Should I maybe consider calling a vet??


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this is a spur that you can keep trimmed with a wire saw. we have one like that that we have cut back only enough to keep it from growing into the skull. you vet can take it back more if she is a show goat, but we trim hers back about once a year.
It can be snipped down with hoof trimmers. A little at a time just like with feet. When you see pink, stop.
You can also bring her back to the person who did the disbudding & have them re burned.
It's not an unusual occurrence.
I see...Thanks for the info!
You're welcome! I have had to do re-burns or take them back to the person who initially did it. Vet is going to cost an arm & a leg.;)
My husband attempted to cut off the tip with the hoof trimmers this evening. When he grabbed the horn, a good 1/2 inch piece easily broke off. It was just a brittle horn piece (no blood or anything). Nice to know that we can trim a small amount of it without hurting her in the future.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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