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I'm a Stay at home mommy and I need to earn some $$ to be able to purchase the goats that I want to complete my herd.

I can make custom graphics, logo's, email signs, guestbook signs, and picture enhancements, etc.

Here's some examples of my work ...
Enhancements & Framing, etc.


After ...

Before ...

After ...

Before ...

After ...



My Logo (Lil' Goat Farm)

Ocker Acres

Goat Talk

I also created the The Goat Spot Logos


Anyway, those are a few of the things I've done ... there's MANY more that I've done, but woudln't have the room to post them ALL on here. or the time. I do more than just goats to ... dogs, people, landscaping, pretty much anything.

Depends on the preferences (what all you want done to the picture / how much work would go into it)
But for a BASIC price - start price of $5 per picture / graphic / button / banner / logo
Once speaking with you about your expectations, etc. ... I would give you a more accurate price for the amount of work that would go into the picture. But you can't beat $5 !! And I doubt any picture I'd do would end up being MUCH more than that. Per picture of course.

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