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Colorado - Velvet Acres HRW Pure Sapphire *D
This is a blue eyed girl who has only thrown blue eyed kids for me (2 freshenings / 3 year old).
She is still in milk (has quite a bit) but I am not milking her. Would be real easy to bring her production back up if you get her soon. I can go back to milking her once / day till she leaves. Her butterfat was at 5.13% when tested for her *D.

Nice size teats for milking too!

Her dam is VEEE91 and has won BUOB 3x, RGCH 3x, and GCH 1x.
... Her granddam on both sides (top and bottom) is VEEE90 GCH x 2
Her top grandsire is *B/*S MI Sugar Creek NT Valor

She is 22" tall. See more at
Sells for $500

1 - 3 of 3 Posts