Dairy and Fiber GOATS fs/t in Oregon

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    Oct 9, 2007
    Goats in NW Oregon FS/Trade


    Dairy goats and Pygora fiber goats near Salem Oregon.

    We freshened a few does this year, bred all to a nice ADGA Lamancha buck, so all dairy kids are all or mostly Lamancha.
    We used two pygora bucks and have some so cute pygora babies, caramels, browns, silver and cream. bucks, does, kids, $50 - $350.

    2006 Saanen doe, $200 (not reg.) freshened 2/14 w/a doe and a boy, doeling is sold.
    2006 Saanen Lamancha doe $200 (reg half lamancha) freshened 2/14 twin does. Doelings $200 and $250.
    2006 Lamancha doe $75 (not reg) freshened 4/1 twin boys. bottle boys cheap, nice show wethers.
    2005 Lamancha doe $150 (reg.) freshened 2/21 with doe and buck, Doe $350.
    2005 Lamancha Alpine doe $75 (not reg.) freshened 3/14 twin does. Doeling $250.
    2007 Nubian $150 (reg.) dry yearling black w/ white spots and frosting.
    2007 Lamancha bucks $150 each (reg.) nice conformation and gentle.
    2008 Oberhasli bucklings $150 each, (reg.) born 3/13. nice long boys.
    2008 kids listed above and two reg Lamancha does due in June, ?$250-$350? for kids? have to see, both nice does.
    Pygoras, does bucks, wethers. $50 - $350, ages 4yrs to kids.

    Located ~ 30 miles nw of Salem. Happy to answer any questions and send picts. 503-472-7271 Offers and Trades gladly considered.
    thanks for looking.

    a few Lamancha cross kids, we have more!

    One of the fuzzy pygoras.

    Nice long Ober buckling. Dam: Sinnamon, Sire: Hansel
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    Feb 17, 2008
    Do you ship? omg I want them all! lol