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I'm headed to Vermont tomorrow to the Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Association's Education day. Its gonna be the first real "trip" my boys have taken since before winter. I hope the boys don't get too excited about the fieldtrip cause I REALLY don't want to look like a fool chasing 5 excited goats around in a world full of "show" goats.

I am hoping that a few things fall into place.
1) I hope when I talk about packgoats, I know what the hell I am talking about. I should be ok here as I have read damn near every Goat Tracks Magazine there is and I am ready for the question "do you milk them?" Yep, have at it, I'll get the milk pan.(tee-hee,hee) I figure they boys had a long winter, they deserve it, Right?

2)I want the weather to hold off. I would like to hit a trail on the way home.

3) I plan on doing some Packgoats pitchin in, I hope I can get to my next milestone!!!

and 4) I hope that my boys can get a clipping tomorrow. I see those show goats all prettied up and I want my boys to have a nice trim. They get so hot during the summer on hikes.

Wish me luck. I printed off some NAPgA brocures and have the boys in their brand new collars. All I need is a little grain and I am in business!
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