Dairy goats in our area

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    I've seen several posts lately about people having 'petting zoos' because only boer goats/meat goats are popular in their areas. I have the similar scenario here (Shenandoah Valley, VA). I have a hope to change that. I have contacted our county fair (one of the best for livestock in our state) after going to see their goat selection and really thought I would see at least some Nubians-but nothing, all meat goats. I have messaged them and hope to at least have our farm represented next year, to try and get people to know about the breed (Nigerians). Is this crazy? What do you guys think? I'm hoping if people see the nice personalities with all the benefits of a small goat for milking maybe we could get the idea of Nigerian Dwarf goats/dairy goats around here? I also want to get a 4-H group started using mini goats or dairy goats in general...how do I go about doing that? I'm starting slow with my herd and hope to get some great kids come spring. We will see, but thought I would post about this issue. :shrug:
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    Excellent way to promote! Make up a sign & have some handouts about the breed with your business card. I always get people asking about goats during & after the fair.

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    This is a great thing to do!!!

    At the end of September we participated in a local "foodie event" that was represented as a Farm to Table event. Initially we hadn't planned to attend as we did not have anything to sell at the event but our friend who is the chef at the hosting restaraunt asked us to get involved. So we brought three of our goats and a few of our Silkie Chickens. Only a handful of people recognized them as NDDGs. So we spent most of the day educating folks on the breed while their children enjoyed petting them. It was a great day for dairy goats.