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Daizy's waiting thread :)

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She's due between December 7th - 14th


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And Dougie.....the proud Papa to be :)

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I was expecting a goat, but I like dogs just as much! She looks so big, poor girl is probably wobbling around the house! :)
Good luck with whelping! I hope it goes smoothly! Is this her first time? Are you planning on keeping a puppy?
This is her first time, and mine too with puppies . I'm soooo nervous. Yes I plan to keep one:)
She's been having a little morning sickness with clear discharge. She's miserable and just wants to lay around in the covers on her back. Dougie just lays with her hoping she will decide to get up and play chase with him :)

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She is so cute :) I want one!
what a sweet girl! I love the pictures with her in the covers.
Her big belly makes her look like a pea No more puppies after this, she's miserable and Dougie misses his play mate. And I miss my little helper. She usually goes everywhere with me to feed , water and clean the barns and chases squirrels in between but now she just sits on the golf cart seat and watches :)
Today was day 58 ......shouldn't be long now :D
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Puppy # 1 just arrived. It's a boy:)


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I wasn't expecting a red one since mom and dad are both Black and Tan but I'm thrilled he is :D
I want one!!
Ok,she is mine :) How cute they are!!
Puppy 3 is a blk tan girl also :)
4th is also another blk tan girl :)
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