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Apparently I'm the only one brave enough to talk about my stupid exploits with goats. Here's another one...
Rex, If I had some I would share, as we all learn from one another.

Since I am a green horn to packing,
The Most dangerous thing I have done thus far, is bring 4 more alpines home with out the miss's ok.
And Last weekend almost got 2 more goats, however turned out to be Too dangerous at this point, so will wait and work with the ones I already have.
Best way to stay breathing me thinks.
And the dog house doesnt have heat yet... and it is a cold winter here. lol

Next year I should be able to add some stories, hopefully not too dangerous... all tho I have been followed by the big kitties in our mountains before, but that was without goats.

I do enjoy the stories that have been shared thus far.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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