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My 6yo daughter sold her market wether today at the stockyard nearest to us.
He was a sweetie, she wasn't completely attached to him thank goodness, I tried to get her to focus most of her attachment on her doe that she'll get to keep, and somehow it worked lol

Anyway, we were at the sale for a while, looked like it would be a while yet, so I got the kids something to drink & eat. We hurried came back and JUST missed seeing him get sold! :(
<they go from pen to pen, and did his row out of pen # order :( >.
We hung out with him for a while loving on him while waiting for the bids to be turned in.

When I took my daughter to get her check, the man who bought him started talking to us.
He told me if she had been at the pen when he sold she'd have gotten at least $25 more for him.
I wasn't unhappy about what he brought.

Then the man said to wait, and he said I'm going to get her $25, then he started collecting $$ lol I don't know if the guys were underbidders? But he handed her $25 in cash.

With her check in hand and additional $25 they really REALLY made her day!
She was feeling really left out because her brother and sister are getting ready to sell their wethers in the 4-H livestock auction in a few weeks, and are gearing up for that, and she's too young to be able to do it.

So this really made her day.

Thought I'd share :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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