Dehorning by Banding

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Myakkagoater, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Myakkagoater

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    Apr 10, 2010
    How is this done to an older goat???

  2. KW Farms

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    Jun 21, 2008
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    Not really sure what your question is. But it's usually best not to do banding to a goat with horns bigger than 4 inches, from my experience. I've heard that it is a lot harder on a goat to do it that way. Best to just do it with goat around 6 months to a year old. You can have a vet surgically dehorn an older goat, but it's hard on them.

  3. Myakkagoater

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    Apr 10, 2010
    In the before and after posting someone had posted pics of the older goat that had been dehorned via banding. Never heard of that. I don't even disbudd my little ones. I was just curious how it was accomplished.

  4. Realfoodmama

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    Apr 12, 2010
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    You apply a very tight rubber band that act kind of like a tourniquet - the tight band cuts off the blood supply to the horn and the horn dies then falls off.

    That way you avoid any potentially dangerous surgical intervention and you can remove the horns without risking the goat bleeding to death. I would imagine it is fairly painless as well given that the lack of blood supply will kill nerve endings too...
  5. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    The same bands used to castrate kids is used to band horns. I did one nigi doe for my mom, she was 5 years old and they were around 7 inches long and the bases were 2 inches wide, it was difficult to get the bands on but it took 6 weeks to have them work. minimal bleeding too. It works just as RFM said, the elastrator bands cut off the blood supply, causing the inner horn to die.
  6. Epona142

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    May 25, 2008
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    It however, CAN be painful.

    The doe I posted pictures of, Indy, knocked her horns off butting another doe. She SCREAMED and it was very painful for her. It didn't bleed a lot, but you could tell she was in pain for a few days until it began to heal up.

    On the other hand, Fancy, a younger doe, lost a horn the other day. Well, it was hanging and I pulled that last bit off. She didn't even blink and it barely bled at all. She appeared not to even notice.
  7. Lorithompson

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    Dec 16, 2013
    I applied bands to my 9 month old Nubian crossed does. They screamed for over 30 minutes. I clipped the bands off because I couldn't stand to hear them in pain. Did I do something wrong?
  8. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    Were the bands new? Alot of the time, delayed constriction of blood circulation can be caused by bands that are old and have lost their elasticity.
    It isn't an immediate type thing, it does take some time for numbness to occur in the nerves of the horn, they likely weren't in pain but were confused by the sensation they were feeling.
  9. ksalvagno

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    Give them a shot of Banamine about 30 minutes prior to banding.