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    We are buying a new baby boy goat. We have 2 twin goats now about a year old. They both have their horns as it wasn’t an option to have them removed from the seller when we bought them. The new baby we are buying we have the option to have them removed. I personally would like them removed only because our other 2 will head butt the back of your legs and it can hurt sometimes. My question is, will that put the new one at a disadvantage if we get them removed? Will it matter if he doesn’t have horns and they do? Thanks!
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    It will totally depend on the goats with horns and how mean they are with them. But I have mostly horned and a few disbudded does and the disbudded does really do hold their own with their horns and are far from the bottom on the dominant line. Personally I say if you don’t want him to have horns then disbud

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    I'm sure you mean disbud if baby is young enough? Disbudding is the burning of the area to prevent horn growth. Dehorning is a Totally different ball game and requires the removal of established horns.

    Are these pets or are you building a herd? Reason I ask is if you only plan on a few. I keep him horned. While most live side by side with no issue. Being just the three..he could become the third man out and be picked on by the two horned goats. If you plan a herd and everyone or most will be disbudded..then i disbud.
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