deworming before or after moving to new pasture

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    Dec 11, 2014
    Aloha goat experts,

    Relatively new to goat herding. Have a small herd of wethers and a few does (Alpine/Saanen/LaMancha) who live on the farm in order to maintain pastures and help with invasive species management. There are currently 9 goats on 2 acres and we are in process of building next fencing for new (never used) 4 acre pasture. Goats have never been on this land.

    Had a fecal float done on one goat with mild diarrhea and we have roundworms. Going to use Equimax paste to treat at 3x their normal dose based on weight. One doe is possibly 4 weeks pregnant, so I'm not sure what to worm her with. She has pale-ish inner eyelid but no diarrhea and otherwise quite healthy.

    My question is whether or not to worm them now while they are still in their current pasture and could be until the new year or wait until right before I am about to move them into uncontaminated "fresh" pasture in 2 weeks.

    Thank you very much for your ideas and advice,
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    I would worm now if they need it...if there is anemia I would treat 3 times 10 days apart then again in 30 days..starting now will assure clean poop by the time you move. you can use regular ivomec injectable or ivemec plus injectable as an oral med. if you prefer to skip the needle...1 cc per 33# which will get the round worm..1 cc per 40#if you want to inject it.

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    Yes I'd worm them now & again in 10 days, then turn them to new.