Deworming pregnant does =

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    Waiting 60-90 days is best.
    Valbazen is the only white dewormer I know if that isn't safe. You can use Safeguard or Panacur. Problem is by itself at least here it's basically useless as there is a lot of resistance. However if using dual with Ivermectin I definitely wonder if it would work better.
    Safeguard used to be widely used on Thoroughbred horse farms years ago because it's safe but again... There is resistance so I don't know many who use it. Quest plus is a big one that is preferred from what I see.
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  2. This is what we use. Sometimes Sweetlix if we can't get ConceptAid (have to go about 45 minutes away and sometimes they're out). But we love it. Ours do great on it.
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  3. I know the first 50 days you don't want to use any dewormer, is what I've always understood. After that, if we have issues we can't tackle with herbals, we use Quest/Safeguard. We usually up the herbals during pregnancy. I've actually put it out in bowls as needed and the ones that need it, take it, the others don't. I do it about once every couple of weeks for them. Mixed with a little kelp.
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    Awesome thanks for that!
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    The feed store I was told is a dealer isn't sure they can get it, she recommended I call one of their other stores. So I just sent a FB message with a link and asked if they can get it or not. If not I'll contact Duraferm, but I may actually contact our local farm store, sometimes they can get random stuff for us.

    As for dewormers, we've had to deworm does in pregnancy over the years with Quest Plus and never had issues, but doesn't mean I'm not leary, because you know, it would be the best doe that it affects her kids, right? Ivermectin and Safeguard are safe dewormers. The issue is... because of so much resistance you end up having to increase dosage to attempt to get any results. That part is very frustrating and definitely worries me on the effect it might have on the babies.
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