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    Nov 13, 2007
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    This is a topic that goes round and round with goat people, and different people use completely different things. We are in an area where worms are pretty common [midwest] and I know we have worms. I have been told totally different things by so many people. Our good friend, who is a LONG TIME goat breeder, and previous judge, etc. He believes in DE, and now we are using it, but I really don't believe in it. I have tried Molly's Herbals and they smell so strong, but I am not sure how that is doing either. So do you believe in DE? I have used Ivermectrin paste for horses in the past, but what is your favorite form of Ivermectrin, if you use it, and where do you get it? Also, what is the average price of having a vet do a fecal test, and do you prefer to do it yourself with your own microscope?
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    I've never used the injectible form of Ivermectin, only the paste's more practicle for me price wise as I only have 9 goats. I only worm if a $10 fecal says I should....I would like to start doing my own and have asked "Santa" for a microscope for Christmas.

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    It's $20 to $25 per goat for a fecal here, so I have sort of learned to do it myself.

    I have used Ivermectin injectable orally or the horse paste. BUT if you use the horse paste squirt the amount you are going to use in a different syringe or make sure the ring that stops the tube at the right weight works.

    I also use Safeguard, but it is not working for tapeworms anymore so I use Oxibenazole(sp) instead.

    DE does not work.
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    They say that using the same product all of the time decreases their effectiveness. I am in northern Minnesota & we don't seem to have any problems here. I use Mollys herbal system a majority of the time. When I sell kids, get new goats & a day after does kid I use Ivermectin injectable formula as an oral just to mix it up a bit.