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we have three cows we are offering for sale.

Queenie , 9 years old, comes from very nice breeding. She is registered, disbudded. Black in color. She open at this time. She is gentle and respectful..but does get a little dance happy when feed bucket is coming lol $1200

Blossom, 8 years old is a nice stocky gal. She is registered, Dun in color, horned. She is open. She too is respectful. Raised by an older gentleman, she has it in her to be very loving. $900

Promise, 3 years old is a beautiful red/dun cow. She is not registered although both parents are. Her previous own passed away with cancer before we got everything together. There is a chance we could still register her, but we never worried about it. She is polled. $900 (picture shows her bull calf in front. hes 50.50 dexter, herferd)

All three are wonderful mothers and calved with ease. All three are open. While not in your pocket, they are gentle and respectful. As mentioned, Queenie does get excited over feed.
Please visit our web site for full paper information


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