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I think I'm almost done with the signup process. I've been certified with DHIA West and have my box of vials from Fresno DHI. They forgot to send the paperwork with the vials but that will be coming soon. I've signed up with ADGA. There has been a huge mess with DHIA West and my scale, but hopefully that will be in order soon, and I think once my calibrated scale arrives I'll be ready to start testing! But even though I passed DHIA West's certification test, there's some important questions I just can't find the answers to!

1) I use a simple pulse milker. Do I need to wash or rinse the lines between milking each goat? Same goes for the weighing bucket- does it get washed/dried(?) between each sample or is the little bit of residual milk not enough to affect the next sample?

2) In the instance that a goat has an EID, can that be checked for the verification test instead of the tattoo, or does the verification tester still need to attempt to read the tattoo?

3) For the goat's visual ID, is a collar with the barn name sufficient (as long as that name matches the DHI barn sheet) or does it need to be the control number instead?

4) Everything I've read says that the scale needs to be a hanging scale. When I contacted my DHIA, I was sent the link to a couple of scales on Amazon, both of which were flat countertop scales. Should I insist on using a hanging scale instead? Is there a benefit for using one type over the other?

I can't help but think that this whole process is WAY more complex than it needs to be, and I feel like there are big gaps in instruction. I'm sure I'll have even more questions when my paperwork gets here!
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