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Did I overdose on copper bolus?

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Some quick info about my goats: I have two yearling Nubians, one Lamancha wether born in February, and a Saanen x Nubian born in March.

I had asked a friend about the copper bolus dosage and she suggested that I order the 12.5g dose from Ultra Cruz (see picture below). She said that she knows people that give the full capsule and then bolus less often, since it’s slow release.

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I gave each goat a full dose, opened up and mixed with grain. I’m getting a lot of conflicting information about dosage amounts and now I’m mostly worried that I overdosed them. Will they be okay? Should I keep a close eye on them?
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I’ve never heard of giving goats 12.5 grams at once. I bolus more often with correct amounts by using a gram scale. Copper is slow release so hopefully it doesn’t make them sick. I know they can get copper toxicity from too much. Their urine will smell sweet and have a brown color instead of yellow if toxicity happens. @happybleats might can tell you more about that.
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The dosage for copper bolus is 1 gram per 22 pounds, so 12.5 gram is enough for 275 pounds. How much does each one of your goats weigh?
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Dosage nigeriannewbie gave is correct. 1 gram per 22 pounds. Being yearlings i assume they are not too large? They should be ok. It is slow release but you definitely don't want to redose for some time. I buy the cow size because it is cheaper to go that route.
next time you can dose like this...cut the tip off a 6 cc syringe anf file the edge smooth. Get another syringe full if water. Break the capsules open and dose 1 cc per 60 pounds. This is super close to 1 gram per 22 pounds. Top off with some probiotic paste to hold the rods in the syringe. Push the syringe at the corner of goats mouth to help get up and over her tongue. Push the plunger and quickly follow with water to wash it all down.
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I've bought that too and I just open all the capsules into the container. I wrote on the package how much volume a gram is (I think 1/8 tsp? 1/4? ). So, I just go by volume.

Recently, I discovered if I mix the copper in the lid with some of these stupidly expensive things, they gobble it right up really easily. The dewormer pellets are teeny little pellets that they love and they are totally natural. The same would probably work with a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds.

Personally, I'd be looking into what impact too much copper has on other minerals and how to counteract toxicity. Maybe they'll be fine, but I'd feel better trying to remedy it.
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We've given ours 12 grams before because they were super deficient and needed it.
We have iron in our well water which is an antagonist to copper. How much do your goats weigh? What signs of copper deficiency were they showing? Where are you located and do you have well water with a lot of iron and/or sulfur in it? What loose mineral do your goats have available? What is their diet?
I think they will be fine, but answers to the above questions will help us understand the situation better.
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