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Hi - I was wondering what you all feed your goats?


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Mine get free choice alfalfa and oat hay, free choice minerals, and a high protein grain (the amount of grain varies with whether they are nursing, milking, pregnant, kids, or bucks)
I feed my goats 5-6 lbs of good quality grass/alfalfa mixed hay per day, free choice minerals, and fresh water. Lactating does get straight alfalfa if possible.
In addition to good loose minerals, everyone has free choice alfalfa except the wether, he's on grass hay.
Buck gets 2lb Boer Goat Developer am & Pm. His wether buddy gets 6 handfuls of it.
The girls wont get grain till near kidding time & through out lactation.
I have 3 types of hay i rotate....a grass oat/brome mix hay and a millet/red clover hay. They get these free choice. I also give a grain mix of Boss, barley, and alfalfa pellets daily. Does, wethers, and milking does all get the same mix...does get more.....i offer minerals several times per week. I also try to make sure my goats get browse several times per week....including pine bows....pumpkins.....leaves i have dried and saved for winter and other forages. Mine also enjoy oranges, carrots, apples several times a week. Of course they enjoy pasture in summer....lots of variety:))). I have not had my goats be as sensitive to food changes as others seem to describe here....i attribute that to their systems being used to variety from a young age.....and i gradually expanded their diet as they got older. Variety is their norm and they seem to do well with it.
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Blue Seal Caprine Challenger, hay, ProManna minerals, raisins as treats. They get turned out to browse 2 hours a day in our woods and hay pasture.
I feed mine pygmys and Nigerians >:p hehe
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