Disbudding question?

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    May 15, 2020
    So i disbudded my buckling about 2 weeks ago and when i did it i followed the videos and got his caps to pop right off and burnt the quick and all seemed fine, now he was healing good until i noticed the scab starting to peel a little he likes to get into tight spots so i figured he was bumping it on stuff then the other day i noticed his one was redish the best way to describe it is when you have a cut an the scabs redish around the outside of the wound like the natural healing process of your body fighting minor infections. i did a pin lance to make sure it wasnt an infection with puss it was just some blood so we gave him a shot of penicillin to be safe, hes looking okay but it just doesnt seem to be healing over and he seems to managing to bust it open this morning there was a few specks of blood like the scab cracked some but it doesnt feel soft like theres any infection it just seems like hes having the worst time healing that side the other is scabbed over and healing fine from what i can tell. This was my first disbudding and maybe this is something normal for a stubborn kid to do of happen.
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    Aug 3, 2019
    I have one that keeps busting his scabs open. I’ve been spraying them with blukote whenever it happens. I might not have done a good job with him though, as his head looks like he’s starting to grow bumps. I need to see if my iron fits over, if not he’ll need to go to the vet to be redone.

    The scabs will pop off eventually, and it will look raw while it heals. We also spray that with blukote. Usually that does the trick, but some will reopen the scab and need sprayed a couple times.

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    If you started penicillin then do the full course. You should never do just one shot. Put Blukote on the horns.
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