Disbudding/ what to do when it doesn't work?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Coyote Night Acres, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Dec 26, 2010
    Okay, I did my first two kids after getting my iron and thought wow that wasn't so bad. We followed the dirrection that came with the iron (Fiasco Farms instructions) keeping a count of 4 seconds getting a good copper ring do the next side, come back and touch up the first and then the second one again.

    Time frame was 3 days on the buck and 7 on the doe. They are now like 3 weeks old and the buck is a monster in size with the doe following close behind. However we are starting to see the area raise up, we popped the cap on the doe and seen a little blood so we turned it on its side and done that cap top again, but we didn't pop the cap on the buck and his scabs are getting bigger and bigger, I think the disbud did not take.

    So my question is: What do I do now? They are good sized kids and would be hard to hold for a reburn and those nubs are much bigger now. Should I try to reburn or wait till some horn comes up and band it then reburn when the band comes off. It's very unlikely they will see a show ring this year, but I might want to show them next year and I don't want any horned goats. I already have a little saanen with a bad scur on one side and a horn on the other from a bad disbud the vet did and I wish those horns were gone too.

    Also what suggestions could you give me to make the next disbuddings succesful? I have two that need to be done any day now. The dirrections I have said any longer than 4 seconds could harm their brain, :help:
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    First off you can reburn you will need to hold the iron even longer and put more pressure because you aren't just killing the bud but now the whole horn.

    Second you need to burn to the white and not just for a copper ring. Check the 101 section where runaround posted some good info with pictures on disbudding.