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^^^^click the link to see the photos- they are stunners!^^^^^ Feel free to share the craigslist link or other details. My kids would love to sell a few more of these and appreciate your help. We may be able to consider some transportation or shipping options too- don't hesitate to ask.

This is my 4-H kiddo's project. All birds were raised from chicks on pasture, fed all organic food and have been supplied with grit and daily attention. These are true to standards and many of these birds could show well. A couple are novel breeds but most are quite utilitarian as well. These birds hatched in early August.

Preference is to sell breeds in lots (all birds of one breed to one buyer). They are sold as a straight run though we've noted gender guesses for some below and it appears we have a lot of breeding pairs! Gender is not guaranteed. Sales are final.

$25 per bird through October, Nov 1 and later they are $30 each bird unless noted below (Ayam Cemani).

5 Swedish Flower Hens
cold hardy, med-large birds with exceptionally large eggs, some crested, diverse appearance makes a colorful flock and naming easy, white with colorful "flower" spots, M/F mix- we think two cockerel and 3 female? and would consider breaking this into a pair and trio

2 Golden Cuckoo Marans
Very rare color variety, great dual-purpose breed, feathered feet (originally breed for meat production), dark brown eggs are very pretty, this looks to be a pair (photo of 3 chickens on log- two outer are GCM)

2 Pita Pinta Asturiana
endangered with only about 2,000 today, fast growing/dual purpose, start to lay about 22 weeks and lay well through winter, Spanish breed, gentle disposition, good foragers, white with black spots turn more black with white spots as they age and yellow legs, this looks like a male + female breeding pair

4 Crevecoeur- TWO LEFT
Very rare but very old French breed, known for the tastiness of its delicate flesh, beautiful with crests and beards, these look a lot like Polish but with beards too, fairly fast-growing, APA breed standard.

SOLD- 3 Flarry Eye Grey
Red eyed (Flarry = Fiery in Irish) game breed, crested, calm/non-aggressive around humans but active and great free-ranging, absolutely gorgeous feather patterns and gray legs. These are amazing birds! looks clearly to be a trio of quality pullets. (First photo and close-up of face/profile)

SOLD- 3 Quail Brabanconne
Very rare and beautiful dual-purpose bird, crested, great forager, we think this is a trio (1 cockerel and 2 female).

2 Light Sussex- a tried and true dual purpose breed, gentle, productive, highest quality stock, hardy, fast-growing- see what Greenfire says about them: This looks like a breeding pair

SOLD- 2 Blue and Black Partridge Cochin

3 Ayam Cemani- the all black chickens! you know them- black skin, combs, meat and bones- $130 for the trio, guess is two cockerels and a pullet but not sure

2 Izegem Cuckoo- very old and huge Belgium breed, rose combs- these are impressively fast growers! really robust barred chicken with a furrowed brow (they look angry), gentle giants- males get up to about 9lbs. this looks like a M/F pair but hard to tell (one photo of B/W barred chicken facing camera and other marching in background)

5 Creme Legbars
Visually sexable chicks at day old, crested (larger on females), very popular worldwide and very rare in US, heavy layers of green-blue eggs, may divide into two lots. (photo of some in box)
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