do goats get winter and summer coats?

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by bree00, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. bree00

    bree00 New Member

    Jun 8, 2009
    South Carolina
    if they do should i brush them? or could i shave them?
  2. goatnutty

    goatnutty Active Member

    Oct 9, 2007
    South East,IN
    Yes, they get thicker coats during the winter and it is up to you to decide if they need to be bruched or if you would like to shave them.

  3. Thanatos

    Thanatos New Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    Lake Ariel, Pa
    ditto to the last response. If you decide to clip get smoe good shears so the job goes easier.
  4. Agreed, and make sure if you cut it close you watch to sun so they don't get burnt. Here, after winter we have to brush out the winter coats at times but once the summer coat is here we do not have much of a problem with it being too long. One thing to remember too is it can change the coat color from winter to summer and from normal to clipped.
  5. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    ditto.........ditto.....I agree with you all :wink: :greengrin: :thumbup:
  6. Amy Goatress

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    Oct 1, 2008
    Some of our goats coats don't change in the winter or summertime though.
  7. sweetgoats

    sweetgoats Moderator

    Oct 18, 2007
    Peyton CO.
    Mine normally loose their coat or Blow it as we say, and they do not start growing their new Cashmere until July, BUT it has been really weird here temp wise and they are all getting a new cashmere coat. We are unusually cold for us.