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Okay, so I am new to Goats & am ordering the majority of my stuff tomorrow that I *think* I need. Am I missing something?? I am getting my milking Oherhasli doe & 2 companion wethers.
* Goat milking "kit" which includes the SS pail, cover, & filter(however Hoeggers is OUT of them for the next week or two yet and I'm suppose to pick up my goat in one week)
* I already have 1/2 gln jars to put the milk into
* Pre-dip (haven't figured out what to use yet for post-dip)
* Blu-kote
* Goat collars (the break-away ones since they will be browsing in the woods)
* I have water buckets & feed buckets.
* Just got some Alfalfa/Oat bales but Im planning on them just browsing/eating pasture & the Doe eating a little grain since its' summer and there is plenty to eat at my house. Want to find some alfalfa/grass mix hay yet for this winter.
* Towels for wiping
* My husband is in the process of building my goat milking stand (not so happily I might add :D )
* I am going to feed mill tomorrow to get some grain mixed up ( or to mix my own) Plus some good goat mineral.
What am I missing?? I am the type of person whom likes to be prepared-
What do I need yet? Ideas? Thanks!

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You can get your milk filters at any feed store. They are standard size.
Be sure your loose minerals are made for goats, dont let them tell you the sheep kind will suffice.
The more copper the better. Mine is 2000ppm, it is Onyx Right Now by Cargill.
So if your store carries Cargill products they can order you some.
SweetLix Meatmaker is also a good one. (the only two we have used)
I''d get a tube of probiotic paste, the cattle kind in case rumen is off, also at feed store.

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Case of baby wipes for washing the udder (cheaper then washing towels)
Fight Bac for after milking
Micro fiber shop rags from the auto parts store...much cheaper then towels and clean babies really nice.
Hoof trimmers. Mine are from the Auto parts store Called multi purpose cutters, with a yellow handle. Very nice titanium blades.
A bristle pony brush.

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Take a look at The Goat Spot Medicine Cabinet sticky :)
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