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Okay, so I am new to Goats & am ordering the majority of my stuff tomorrow that I *think* I need. Am I missing something?? I am getting my milking Oherhasli doe & 2 companion wethers.
* Goat milking "kit" which includes the SS pail, cover, & filter(however Hoeggers is OUT of them for the next week or two yet and I'm suppose to pick up my goat in one week)
* I already have 1/2 gln jars to put the milk into
* Pre-dip (haven't figured out what to use yet for post-dip)
* Blu-kote
* Goat collars (the break-away ones since they will be browsing in the woods)
* I have water buckets & feed buckets.
* Just got some Alfalfa/Oat bales but Im planning on them just browsing/eating pasture & the Doe eating a little grain since its' summer and there is plenty to eat at my house. Want to find some alfalfa/grass mix hay yet for this winter.
* Towels for wiping
* My husband is in the process of building my goat milking stand (not so happily I might add :D )
* I am going to feed mill tomorrow to get some grain mixed up ( or to mix my own) Plus some good goat mineral.
What am I missing?? I am the type of person whom likes to be prepared-
What do I need yet? Ideas? Thanks!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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