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Have I got a deal for you... :stars:
The first thing I noticed in handling this guy when he was born was his brisket...well..and all that chrome...on top of a wide and powerful yet dairy frame. Nice rear leg set. His dam is a great milker.

$400 -

PB Nubian buckling DOB 3/9/2014 (Kent/Covington, WA). Jacob's Pride/Goldthwaite/Copper-Hill blend with a touch of Wingwood Farms. He's the perfect size to ship! A bottle baby, he can leave any time.

$50 off to DHIR or LA participants. The dam will have fresh DHIR and LA records this year. For more details:
First three pictures of the buckling, next two of his dam's udder (Holds up to 6 lbs!), and the last two of his maternal sister "Sunna"


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