Do you mix your own concentrate?

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    So, I have been reading the posts lately about people who's goats aren't producing enough. I've also seen ones about deficiencies, floppy kid syndrome, etc. And of course we have the ones about newbies wondering what to feed. So I was you mix you own feed? What do you add, how much, and why that ingredient/amount? :chin:

    Also, if you have any nutrition links or book recommendations you used to come up with your mixture I think that would be AWESOME! :hi5:

    So, to get started, I'm on my 3rd mix since I started with dairy goats. I've used a lot of my education from Equine and Ruminant nutrition in school (pre-vet). I've had to apply a lot of the information to what not only goats need but also pregnant and lactating animals. I tried 2 other mixtures. I mix about 150 lbs at a time so I can try it out for a few months and see if I like it. Right now I am very happy with this mix and like the milk production I am seeing. :leap: It will take longer for me to see effects on goats, hoof growth, etc.

    I have a big black round trash can that holds about 150 pounds of feed. I mix using a 1 gallon bucket so I take 1 part of each ingredient (see below) and use a big shovel to mix it up. Pile on another part of each ingredient, stir with the shovel, and so on. It's a lot of work! hehehehe :cart:

    Okay, here's the current mixture (bucket=1 gallon bucket):

    1 bucket Alfalfa Pellets
    -16% protein fortified with vitamins and minerals. Use for roughage, protein, and copper and selenium.

    1 bucket beet pulp
    -adds a small amount of protein, great source of fiber from roughage and lots of calories from sugar.

    1/2 bucket rice bran
    -adds about 10% protein but ALSO 10% fat. Many people would use a high fat oil like corn or soybean. I choose rice bran pellets because I have had much success putting on weight on horses who are sick, malnourished, seniors, etc. In this small amount the fat is beneficial to the milkers who are at risk of loosing body condition during extended lactation or right after kidding. Will FATTEN up bucks, pregnant does, kids, etc. So be careful :)

    1 bucket Calf Manna
    -protein protein protein. 25% to be exact. Helps offset the lower protein ingredients. Also high in ash so great for mineral deficiencies.

    3/4 bucket BOSS
    -roughage and selenium. Great stuff.

    1 3/4 bucket 12% sweet all-stock feed (Barley, oats, corn, soybean and wheat with molasses)
    -good for stabilizing the mix a little. Making sure their is whole grain oats and corn for flavor and to keep them eating it. Pellets in the grain typically have higher levels of copper, selenium, phosphorus and calcium then the unmilled stuff like the seeds and beet pulp. Also has sweet molasses, which they love!

    Okay, that's the mix. I've considered adding molasses but I just don't know how much or how to mix it in! :shrug: It's already a workout to mix it the way I do. I also wonder if it's sweet enough with the sweet feed and the beet pulp...but it's all an experiment! :thumb:

    My bucks, pregnant girls, unbred or breeding girls, and my kids all get 1-1.5 cups of this mix. The kids also get unlimited alfalfa pellets. Everyone gets alfalfa hay and then we have a 4 acre pasture with oak and almond trees, lots of grasses, weeds, herbs, and natural lettuces. My lactating girls get 4-6 cups (1 to 1.5 lbs), or whatever they will eat.

    The way I determined the amounts was based on my lactating girls. if you traded all the values for 1 cup above you would get:

    1 cup alfalfa pellets
    1 cup beat pulp
    1/2 cup rice bran
    1 cup calf manna
    3/4 cup boss
    1 3/4 cup sweet all stock feed
    All of that comes to 6 cups total. Make sense? So, when I give a lactating doe 6 cups of the mixture from above that's about what she gets. :thumbup:

    Okay, enough about my mix, what do you do?? Thanks!! :type:
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    May 18, 2010
    Fairplay, MD
    Currently I am feeding a mix of alfalfa pellets, whole oats, cracked corn, and BOSS. I also mix kind of like you do into one big garbage can. My ratio is approx 1 part Boss, 2 parts alfalfa pellets, 2 parts corn, 3 parts oats. I only add calf manna or a similar product to the ones who need it (growing kids, does in milk, bred does). Dry does and bucks do not need it. Bred does and milkers also get additional alfalfa pellets or alfalfa hay. At times I might add beet pulp if I have one who needs it but do not add it to the total mix. I keep a lose mineral out free choice (although they stopped making the one I had been getting so have to switch). I also copper bolus. It is a pretty simple mix but they all seem to do well on it.

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    Teehee it's so simple it makes me think I am WAY over thinking it. I probably am ;) Sounds good and complete. I like my trash can. It's my buddy. I use trash cans and plastic totes to hold my dog food, cat food, mix flock raiser with chicken food and oyster shell for my flock, and store my extra stuff until I'm ready to mix next time. The ONE time I didn't use my trash cans...went out this morning to open a new sack of the alfalfa pellets and a new bag of sweet all stock and what did I find? MOLD. TONS of it! Never again shall I be without my trusty trashcan.

    What brand minerals did you use to use? What did you switch too? I accidentally stumbled on mine. My feed store carries the SweetLix pressed protein and molasses blocks so I asked if they could order for me. I was going to try the kind with rumensin but they ordered a variety I did not even know SweetLix made called Goat Milk Magnum. Okay, I thought, that'll do!
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    May 18, 2010
    Fairplay, MD
    I was using sweetlix but switched to Buckeye since I moved up here. Apparently they stopped making the buckeye (as I was informed last weekend at the feed store). I am going to have to start ordering something because none of the feed stores carry a goat mineral. I am not sure yet what I am going to get. Is rumensin ok for pregnant does? I know you do not want it anywhere where your horses might get it, if you have horses. I think it can make them seriously ill/kill them. I have some sweetlix with rumensin I got for kids but really haven't used it.

    I use the same grains for my chicken mix but in different proportions. I use pretty much equal parts of boss and oats and slightly more corn. I leave out the alfalfa pellets as they don't really eat them. My chickens free range...I have not found the need to add any oyster shell or anything like that.

    Of course the chicks I have to get starter feed because they can't digest the grains until a bit older...
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    Rumensin hasn't been approved for lactating does. I was looking into a way to treat a current risk of outbreak - contact with a infested farm. We haven't broken out yet, but I treated everyone to be safe. Rumensin also isn't safe for horses, which I have. I was really torn over getting it and I'm glad it worked out so I didn't! Otherwise it's fine for pregnant does, kids, and bucks. Just don't want it in your milk!
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    Oct 5, 2007
    We mix a 12-13% protein mix that is composed of mainly barley and oats, and we add wheat bran and BOSS when the girls start milking. Here is the recipe(using 5 gallon buckets for parts)

    6 buckets oats
    3 buckets barley
    1 bucket BOSS
    1 bucket wheat bran(optional)
    1 bucket beet pulp (optional)
    4-6 cups of corn oil.

    Barley is extremely good for milk production, better than oats, but oats are cheaper so we use more oats than barley. BOSS is good for fat and wheat bran is good for fiber. I don't believe in feeding a high protein mix, we've tried before and our girls did not do well on it. This is low protein, high energy and they milk great on it. We feed it to all of our goats, milking, dry and pregnant does, kids, and bucks and wethers(omit beet pulp if feeding it to bucks and wethers) Since it doesn't have corn in it, we've never had a problem with UC. The corn oil(which does not count as corn) is good for extra fat to help the does keep weight on.
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    Apr 17, 2010
    Goathappy, I am thinking of giving your mix a try. I noticed you said barley is better then oats and was wondering if you would add more barley? Around here barley is cheaper then oats and was wondering if I should add more. I have boer and fainters if that makes a difference.
  8. goathappy

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    Oct 5, 2007
    For milking goats, yes more barley. For meat goats, unless they need more weight I wouldn't, because it is really good for conditioning(you dont' want breeding does to get too fat) When we still had meat goats they did great on just plain oats, but if barley is cheaper for you you can try it :)